As a Notary Public, I can provide the following services:

  • Certify copy documents for use abroad (i.e. passport, driving licence, qualifications)
  • Authenticate documents for use abroad by certification or attestation
  • Confirm single status to be able to marry abroad
  • Confirm status of company for transactions involving overseas transactions
  • Authenticate a power of attorney for dealing with property abroad
  • Providing acknowledgment for US documents
  • Administering oaths, affidavits, and declarations
  • Protesting Bills of Exchange
  • Assist generally with visas and working abroad
  • Consent letters for children under the age of 16 to travel abroad on school trips
  • Notarise a Parental Consent Affidavit for use in South Africa
  • Notarise a Freedom to Marry Declaration for use in Poland
  • Notarise a Polish Passport Consent Form
  • Assist with Adoption of Children based overseas
  • Completion of ID1 Forms for use at Land Registry

I cannot provide any substantive legal advice as to the law of any overseas jurisdiction and I cannot draft any documents required for use overseas. I am only acting in my capacity as a public certifying officer.

If the document is in a language other than English, I will not be able to witness a signature directly on the document or apply for an apostille. However, I can attach an English Notarial Certificate to the document but it will only certify the signature and identity of the person(s) signing the document.

Please note that there are some declarations and oaths that I cannot administer. Please always send me a copy of the oath, affidavit, or declaration before the appointment so that I can confirm whether it is something I can do.

Finally, we cannot notarise any educational or qualification certificates issued by an Institution outside of the United Kingdom. You will need to have these notarised and apostilled in their country of origin.

Why Use My Services

At present I am the only Notary with an office in Gloucester and an office within the Forest of Dean. If approached for my services, I can offer the following:

  • A smooth efficient professional service;
  • A prompt response from receipt of the enquiry;
  • Visiting you at home or out of hours if an office appointment is not convenient (however, in some cases there might be additional charges depending on the location and time)
  • Transparent quote for fees from myself at the initial point of contact; and
  • A recommendation to another notary public if I am not available or unable to assist within the required timescale