In certain cases, you will be required to complete the documents before attending the appointment. Here are a few forms that we regularly notarise on behalf of our clients. Please note that we cannot guarantee that these forms will be the most up to date ones and would suggest you check with the relevant authority before downloading them:

a) Child going to South Africa without one parent or the other?

Parental Consent Affidavit South Africa

b) Getting married in Turkey but need to prove single status?

Affidavit for Single Status for use in Turkey

c) Renewal of US Passport for a minor?

US Passport Statement of Consent for Minors

d) Getting married in Poland but need to prove single status?

Statutory Declaration Freedom to Marry

e) Renewing your child’s passport for Poland but one of you cannot personally attend the Embassy?

Parental Consent Form for Child’s Polish Passport

f) Applying for a Police Check for use in Germany?

Application for Good Conduct Certificate for Germany